EXTREME Weekly portfolio Update


Performance last week : 2021-02-22 – 2021-02-28

ESGFIREAT40 Portfolio: +52 % 

Dow Jones: -1,8 %
Nasdaq -5 %

Performance YTD:
ESGFIREAT40 Portfolio: +111 % 

Dow Jones: +2,36%
Dow Jones: +1%

Top performers:
Cielo Waste Solutions $CMC.CN / $CWSFF + 252 %
Blue Bird Corp $BLBD + 17 %

Grande West Transportation $BUS / $BUSXF –
Enzymatica $ENZY
Environmental Waste International $YEWTF

Portfolio update comment:
The past week was a crazy one for the stock markets especially for our portfolio . While Nasdaq went down 5 % our portfolio skyrocketed up 52 % thanks to Cielo Waste solutions (ticker CMC.CN / CWSFF for the US OTC listing) which decided to rise an incredible 252 %. The fellow readers which bought shares in Cielo when I first wrote about the company on Twitter (Handle: Frivid40) in late january got in at 0,095 cents a share compared to fridays closing price of 0.90 cents, thats a 947 % gain in one months time!

I want to congratulate everyone who has made gains on this share the latest weeks. However I personally believe this is only the beginning for Cielo Waste Solutions. The cause for fridays 82 % gain can be attributed to the famous investor Robert McWhirter which gave Cielo a price target of 8 USD when we visited BNN (link to interview: http://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/market-call/robert-mcwhirter-discusses-cielo-waste-solutions~2149646).

The explanation for this price target from Robert McWhirter is that Cielo will have the same amount of output in fuel production as its closest peer Gevo (listed on Nasdaq with ticker GEVO) but closer in time and for a fraction of its cost. Since Gevo is sitting a close to 2 billion USD market cap and Cielo is about 250 million USD this has of course excited many speculators on the stock market.

I have a huge long term conviction for Cielo but as always be cautious of dips and profit takings . As always none of this is to be considered financial advice, do your own analysis and always DIVERSIFY your portfolio !

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