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Industry: Converting waste to renewable fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions recently announced changes to the management team with additions of Lionel Robbins as  Chief Operating Officer of Cielo effective April 1, 2021 and the appointment of Raphael Bohlmann as Vice President of Marketing. Mr. Bohlmann was the President of RUEI and has resigned from this position and remains only as Director of RUEI. Lionel Robbins has resigned from his role of CEO with RUEI .

ESG decided to have a sit down the the new additions to the management team and to give the investment community a better picture of what these new additions bring to future success of Cielo Waste Solutions, their background and their connections to Renewable U.

First interview out this week is the new Vice President of Marketing Raphael Bohlmann:

ESG: Can you tell the investor community a little bit about your background for those who don’t know you?

Grit and tenacity were attributes handed down from my German parents who immigrated to Canada without knowing two words of English.  Growing up we spoke German in our home, and I learned this as a second language.  My father was a tradesman and I initially followed in his footsteps getting my Journeyman Red Seal certificate as an electrician.  While I am thankful for the exposure to many trades, I transitioned to the hospitality industry where I owed several restaurants and created my own franchise restaurant model. This forced me to look closely at every aspect of the industry including construction, design, training, and financial planning but my passion was always marketing. After more than 2 decades in hotels and restaurants I migrated to retail automotive where I joined a progressive auto group and became their Chief Marketing Officer.  I further developed my management and marketing skills by developing HR programs, extensive training and a complete marketing makeover.  My thirst of learning in this field led me to study business at Stanford University in the Strategic Marketing Management executive graduate program.  Stanford delivered a heightened new meaning to marketing and from here I developed and co-founded a performance education company designed to help businesses train and cultivate management and team skills.  Shortly after I segued toward advising other companies by starting my own marketing and branding agency which focuses on company branding, logos, reimaging, and all digital platforms.

Contributing to a healthy community is important to me and I have given back to many charities and non-profits.  I currently sit on the Board for the YMCA of Northern Alberta as the vice-chair, and I was the director of media and promotions for the 2018 Alberta Summer Games, to name a few.

ESG: How did you originally find out about Cielo Waste Solutions?

An investment friend was suggesting I take a look at a start-up company that was converting garbage to renewable fuels.  At first, I was only interested in the prospective gains, and then I started analyzing the communication more thoroughly and realized its enormous possibilities to not only be profitable but also clean up our planet!

ESG:What made you interested in the company?

I started to realize the earth changing possibilities of this technology and it prompted me to contact CEO Don Allan.  I had a preliminary conversation with Don and probed him where he was going to build his first full-scale commercial facility.  At the time, Don had not decided where he would build the first facility, so myself and two other business partners blueprinted our plan to enter into JVs to support the building of a facility in our community and others across North America and the world.  After intense discussions with my equally enthusiastic business associates, Eric Leslie and Lionel Robins, we forged Renewable U Energy Inc. as a means to support Don in his plan to build green energy facilities.

ESG: What do you hope to contribute with for the continued success with Cielo Waste Solutions?

I want to continue telling the story that initially intrigued me, but on a mass-market scale seeking out the right partnerships in media, finance, and IR firms.  Strategy, management and marketing are going to be essential to continue Cielo’s forward momentum. At first, this initiative was achieved through the formation of Renewable U Energy Inc., who supported Don with joint venture agreements across Canada and the United States, and now that I have abdicated my role and handed over the duties to focused, skilled, and capable business partners, I am able to concentrate on Cielo Waste Solutions increasingly diverse marketing and management needs. Strengthening the company’s image and delivering a message that unequivocally solidifies the company’s role as a world-class producer of renewable fuel through its waste reduction facilities is a narrative that needs to be heard around the globe.

ESG: How and why did you make the change from RUEI to working directly at Cielo and what is your remaining connection to renewable U?

When we started Renewable U Energy Inc. the goal in mind was to form several JV partnerships with Cielo to support its growth.  As President, I helped assemble the nine territorial agreements outlined in the joint venture between Renewable U and Cielo.  The more invested I became in Renewable U the more I realized it was Cielo that would actually benefit from my time, skills, and commitment.  While Renewable U Energy Inc, will continue to play an important role, Cielo is where the heavy lifting will occur.  So, when Don invited me to join the leadership team I enthusiastically accepted, and therefore decided to dedicate full-time efforts to my new role as Vice-President of marketing for Cielo.  I now leave behind my active position with Renewable U in the very capable hands of a team led by new President and CEO, Ryan Jackson and I remain as a director on the board and a passive shareholder.

ESG: What do you see Cielo achieving in a 5 year time period?

Cielo in Latin means blue sky, and that’s the limit for this amazing company! In the next five years, Cielo will be building and commissioning 40 facilities across North America. Each facility can be expanded as required to meet the needs of available feedstocks. With these planned facilities, Cielo will be ridding the world of more than 5.2 million tons of problematic waste and converting it to green renewable fuels. This is a goal I’m more than proud to be a part of!

ESG: Fun Facts: Do you have any special talents we should be aware of?

Despite being a child, age 4, who had a metal leg brace on one leg, I am grateful to my doctors back then who greatly assisted me in a full recovery.  I enjoyed an extremely active lifestyle growing up and am now an avid hiker who spends the weekends finding new mountains to climb. 

ESG: Thank you for your time Raphael!

 Legal Disclaimer:
I own shares in this company personally. Investing in stocks is combined with certain risks and it is possible to lose your entire investment. My posts are made for Educational purposes only and are not to be interpreted as tips , financial advise or recommendations of any kind to either buy or sell any stocks.

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