Portfolio update August 2021

Best monthly performers
Biofrigas Option 1 : + 28 %
Environmental Waste International: + 21 %
Desert control: + 17 %

Worst monthly performers
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp: – 19 %
Nuvve Holding Corp: – 13 %
Absolicon Solar Collector: – 12 %

Current positions with monthly performance for August 2021

Absolicon Solar Collector – Down 12 % despite good news of cooperation with Carlsberg. We expect big things this fall!
Cielo Waste Solutions – Down 8,5 %.
Char technologies – Up 5 %.
Desert Control – Up 17 %.
Earthrenew – Down 2 %, BIG insider buys lately, 6 months financials report coming soon.
Environmental Waste international – Up 21 %.
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp – Down 19 %, reported a gross margin of 64,5 % in their latest financial report!
Nuvve Holding Corp – Down 13 % despite no negative news, feels like this is being heavily traded by market makers.
Vicinity Motor Corp – Down 13 % despite only good news with material orders, the market is clearly sleeping on this one.
Lion E-mobility – No material change, CEO is resigning which actually could be positive, awaiting news of the TIER 1 cooperation.
Landi Renzo – Up 5 %.
Solarvest BioEnergy – Down 10 %, very disappointing stock price lately but our conviction remains. We think big deals are around the corner.
Biofrigas Option 1 – Up 28 % We are expecting news of the verification for their system process during September /October.

New position;
Company: Aduro Clean Technologies Inc
Listing: CSE
Ticker: ACT

ESG comment:
Aduro Clean Technologies has been working to address some of the pressing environmental issues faced by the global community today. One is the matter of unlocking value from waste plastics that pollute our lands and waterways. Others include improving the characteristics of bitumen through a greener conversion process and increasing the economic value of renewable oils in scalable operations that can be implemented locally. Originally developed to upgrade heavy oil, Aduro has redirected and reconfigured HCT to upcycle plastics and upgrade renewable oils. Simply put, HCT leverages the unique properties of water in a chemistry system that transforms large molecules of low value into smaller molecules of higher value; materials with undesirable characteristics are converted into materials that are more useful, the result being a tremendous uplift in market value. We see this company as a great complement to our investment in Cielo Waste Solutions, they’re not direct competitors at the moment but they work in the same line of business. An extensive initial analysis will be done by us on the company in the coming months. This company likely, according to us, has an equally bright future like Cielo Waste Solutions.

Sold positions:

Clear Blue Technologies- CBLU
The company reported very good increases in revenues however we suspect the company may soon find themselves in a position where they once again will need to raise more money. The company is burning 500-800 000 CAD per quarter and the cash reserve is quickly disappearing. We have spoken to several of the investors who participated in the last financing who are disappointed in the development of the company since they would of hoped to see bigger orders in a shorter amount of time. We still like CBLU and will most likely return our position with participating in the financing that we are expecting will take place within the next few months. Should CBLU land a big contract in this time it may deffer the need for a placement however the company is currently heavily leveraged with debt.

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