Market update 20/9 – Cash position now 30 %

We have temporarily chosen to sell our positions completely in the companies below ( sell order has been executed today 20/9)
to have some dry powder for anticipated market turbulence. We aim to rebuy these positions in full within 4-8 weeks. Rarely do we try to time markets so this course of action is not advisable for everyone. We do however believe that there are no near term (4-8 weeks) triggers for the companies below hence we are not scared to exit temporarily.

Positions sold temporarily

Absolicon – sold in full
Nuvve Corp – sold in full

Current market offers, what we think is a good entry point in the following companies:
Desert Control
Aduro Clean Technologies
Solarvest Bioenergy
Hydrogenpro ( On our watchlist, no position yet)

Legal Disclaimer

We own shares of these companies personally.

Investing in stocks is combined with certain risks and it is possible to lose your entire investment. Our posts are made for Educational purposes only and are not to be interpreted as tips , financial advise or recommendations of any kind to either buy or sell any stocks.

Companies may or may not be paying us for content posted on this blog

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