Company: Aurora Solar Technologies
Listings : TSX Venture, Frankfurt, USOTCB
Tickers: ACU, AACTF , A82
Market cap at time of publication: $38.14 MCAD
Stock price at time of publication: $0.265 CAD
Number of shares fully diluted: 160,899,725
Business: SaaS Solar producer software and cost savings
Market Size: US$25bn 

This is a short introduction post to alert our community that we have taken a full investment position in Aurora Solar Technologies which is now a part of the ESGFIRE portfolio. There may come a more extensive analysis within the next few months.

Aurora Solar Technologies provides inline process measurement, analysis, and control systems for solar cell manufacturers, essentially they create tools and software which increase the yield and profitability for manufacturers. They are weeks away from finishing a formal trial of their Insights platform with a solar cell manufacturer and will be releasing it as a subscription based software program.  Insights will increase the profit margins for solar manufacturers. They estimate an annual savings of 6-13 million US dollars for each 5 gigawatt factory.

Aurora SolarTech has created a software as a service (SaaS) solution to save solar cell manufacturing companies 6-13m for every 5 gigawatt factory that it is installed in.  There are about 40 of these factories worldwide and with a first-mover advantage they estimate that they can get into about 65% of them (26 factories) time line.  Assuming the low end of savings (6 million) and a planned subscription fee of 15% of savings (900k annually) would give them 23.4 million in recurring revenue.  This should be able to increase the share price roughly by 9X from today‚Äôs price of 0.265 CAD by 2024 (or early 2023 if they have greater improvement or market penetration) and set the company for a 25% year over year revenue growth. Current investor presentation can be found HERE.

Stock overview:

Fully Diluted Outstanding Shares 160,899,725
(Includes warrants of 7,715,000 and options of 9,260,000)
Float – 121.05 Million
Short Interest – 49k Shares shorted aka .16%
Institutional Ownership 14.9%

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