ESGFIRE Portfolio update september 2021

Best monthly performers
Biofrigas Option 1 : +36%
Desert control: + 35 %

Worst monthly performers
Environmental waste international: -41 %
Solarvest Bioenergy – 28 %

Current positions with monthly performance for September 2021

Aduro Clean Technologies – Up 11 % for september , awaiting validation from third party on their hydrochemolytic technology. Analysis coming shortly.

Aurora Solar Technologies
– +-0 Awaiting third party validation by a major potential client which should be imminent.

Char technologies – +-0 no material change.

Desert Control – Up 35 % we are expecting to hear news about their project in Saudi Arabia shortly which could mean big revenue.

Earthrenew –Down 11 %. The stock is currently a waiting game. Fundamentals are very sound with increasing revenues and one big seller which has put a major pressure on the stock. Once this seller is gone we expect a return to more normal trading levels at 0.30-0.40 CAD

Environmental Waste international – Down 41 %, extremely dissapointing development. The JV partner torreco is awaiting governmental approvals before they are willing to invest the remaining outstanding amount required to get the first test facility into commercial production. The company needs to step up and speed up their operations.

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp – Down 27 % despite very good test results in their projects.

Vicinity Motor Corp – +- 0 the company has revealed very impressive news lately and should shortly receive analyst coverage which may prove a signifcant catalyst. Recently came out with a financial projection of revenues for 2022 amounting to 140 MCAD.

Solarvest BioEnergy – Down 28 % , very disappointing stock price lately but our conviction remains. We think big deals are around the corner.

Biofrigas Option 1 –Stock up 6 % , Option up 36 % Biofrigas recently updated and stated their validation should be done shortly. This should prove a great catalyst!

Sold positions :

Landi Renzo – No progression as we expected, sold but we may buy it back if we see good progression on their commercial hydrogen projects.

Cielo waste solutions – The company has had a turbulent time and we chose to exit our position during september. We may consider buying it back into the portfolio when we see continous flow to be proven atleast in the range of 500-1000 LPH range.

Lion E mobility – We have not seen any progression with their TIER 1 client which we find worrying , also their largest client Vicinity motors corp have today (13/10 2021) announced a new battery supplier which leads ut to think Lion might lose revenues which would be even more worrying since they have just purchased the rights for the BMW batteries production and invested money in this revenue source. IF and WHEN we see that the cooperation with the TIER 1 supplier progress we will consider bringing the stock back into the portfolio.

Temporarily sold positions:

Nuvve – Temporarily sold we expect to buy this stock back shortly.
Absolicon -Temporarily we expect to buy this stock back shortly.

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