ESGFIRE portfolio update October 2021

Best monthly performers

Char Tehnologies + up 41%
Desert Control AS + up 22%
Aduro Clean Technologies + up 5%

Worst monthly performers
Aurora Solar technologies – down 36%
Vicinity Motor – down 18%
Biofrigas TO1 – down 12.5%

Current positions with monthly performance for October 2021

Aduro Clean Technologies – Up 5 % for october we are awaiting validation from third party on their hydrochemolytic technology.They have recently announced discussions to establish a pilot in Europe for plastics recycling . Just now (9/11) they also announced another pilot in Canada for plastics recycling which is faster than we had anticipated. Analysis is coming shortly from ESGFIRE on Aduro.

Aurora Solar Technologies
 – Down 36 % The market chose to interpret news during October as very negative. We make a different assessment as the latest validation showed that the software (Insight) is also being evaluated by a second manufacturer. There was a slight delay in the first evaluation which is calculated to being concluded during the current quarter which means before the end of 2021.

Char technologies – Up 41 % Char Technologies announced progress on their plans for building their own facility in Kirkland which we calculate could bring in revenues of up to 18 MCAD per year. The rise this month can also be attributed to newsletter writer Keith Schaefer who put a 1,5 CAD current price target on the company.

Desert Control – Up 22 % The company gave an update on their big project in Abu Dhabi with Mawarid. The agreement was extended to include a bigger scope which could lead to larger revenues than initially was thought and is preparing for stage two.

Earthrenew –Down 2.5 %. The stock is currently a waiting game. Fundamentals are very sound with increasing revenues and one big seller which has put a major pressure on the stock. Once this seller is gone we expect a return to more normal trading levels at 0.30-0.40 CAD

Environmental Waste international – Down 11 %, another dissapointing month yet this is now a waiting game to see progress with the domestic facility which we hope to hear more about soon.

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp – Down 6 %. Newlox during October announced that mining had begun in the Boston project.

Vicinity Motor Corp – Down 18 % the company has revealed very impressive news lately and should shortly receive analyst coverage which may prove a signifcant catalyst. Recently came out with a financial projection of revenues for 2022 amounting to 140 MCAD. New EV models and orders have been announced. This company should also benefit from the new biden infrastructure bill.

Solarvest BioEnergy – +-0 , Disappointing stock price lately but our conviction remains. We think big deals could be around the corner.

Biofrigas Option 1 –12 % Biofrigas recently updated and stated their external customer validation should be done shortly. This should prove to be a great catalyst!

NEW positions:

Company: Leading Edge Materials Corp
Ticker: LEM, LEMSE
Industry: Battery minerals mining
Listings: Frankfurt, Canada, Sweden, US OTC
Shareprice development in October: + 84 %
Leading Edge Materials is developing a portfolio of projects located within the borders of the European Union with the vision to supply sustainable and secure sources of critical raw materials to European industrial ecosystems. If the European Union is going to be self sustaining in battery minerals new mines will need to be opened. Sweden has some of the worlds harshest and toughest environmental regulations in the world making us confident this is an ESG friendly investment position.

Company: Hydrogenpro
Ticker: HYPRO
Listings: Norway
Shareprice development in October: +18 %
Hydrogenpro has a proprietary technology to produce cost competitive green Hydrogen using alkaline. Hydrogenpro announced on 2021-02-22 that they will be able to produce Green Hydrogen at a cost below 1.2 USD per kilogram already in 2022. This is an extreme breakthrough if the company can deliver on these promises especially since one of their competitors NEL has a target of 1.5 USD per kilograms for Green Hydrogen in 2023. HydrogenPro technology, if it delivers as promised, will be ready to compete in terms of price with gray hydrogen already next year in 2022.

IPO positions:
We have a number of positions in unlisted companies which we anticipate will go public through initial public offerings within the next 6-12 months.

Evanesce packaging solutions
As a sustainable technology innovator,Evansesce is revolutionizing sustainable packaging with 100% compostable and affordable plant-based solutions.
IPO time table:
Likely going public in the first quarter of 2022 on one of the Canadian stock exchanges.

ChargePanel specializes in the management, operation and usage of Electric Vehicle Charge Points.
We provide adaptable solutions for charge point owners, resellers and organizations.
IPO time table:
Likely going public beginning of December 2021 at one of the Swedish stock exchanges.

Ola Media
OLA MEDIA is a network of interactive touch screens located exclusively in the backseat of Ubers. By leveraging innovative technologies and captivating spaces, they help brands create engaging experiences with a high value audience.
IPO time table:
Likely going public during the second quarter of 2022 at either Canadian exchanges or NASDAQ.

Rebought positions:


Temporarily sold positions:

Nuvve – Temporarily sold we expect to buy this stock back shortly.

Legal Disclaimer

The stock price development above was calculated by taking the opening price at the first day of October and the closing price at the last day of October.

We own shares of these companies personally.

Investing in stocks is combined with certain risks and it is possible to lose your entire investment. Our posts are made for Educational purposes only and are not to be interpreted as tips , financial advice or recommendations of any kind to either buy or sell any stocks.

Companies may or may not be paying us for content posted on this blog.

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