ABSOLICON signs NEW framework agreement. Sales Pipeline now close to $100 MUSD (850 MSEK)

Company: Absolicon
Ticker: $ABSL
LIST: Spotlight Sweden
MCAP: $39 MUSD (312 MSEK) at time of publication
Share price: 135 SEK = 18,45 USD at time of publication
Industry: solar thermal heating/ district heating
Market size: $223 billion$ by 2026

ESGFIRE comment: Absolicon with the new framework agreement announced today 7/12 now have 17 framework agreements in place (Out of these 17 framework agreements three have been signed in the last 2 months ). The total sales pipeline for non-reccurring revenues for Absolicon now totals $93 MUSD (850 MSEK) assuming all are finalized . The total license agreement fees for these framework agreements (if all are finalized) now totals$7,5 MUSD (68 MSEK) annually. There is also additional potential reccuring revenues in supply sales from patented components that can only be purchased from Absolicon by their framework agreement partners. The potential reccurring revenues now totals approximately $75 MUSD (680 MSEK)if all agreements are finalized . .ESGFIRE hopes to see Absolicon finalize one or more framework agreements within the next couple of months. We are very impressed with the development of Absolicon and it should only be a matter of time until we see the progress be reflected in the share price. This is now one of our largest positions and we think it is currently one of the best risk reward cases in our portfolio.

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