Why we are participating in the current private placement for Envirometal!

Company: Envirometal Technologies Inc
Listings : Canadian Securities Exchange, Frankfurt, US OTCQX
Tickers: ETI, FSE: N72, EVLLF
Market cap at time of publication: $25 MCAD
Stock price at time of publication: $0.265 CAD
Business: Environmentally friendly and socially responsible gold extraction
Market Size: US$180bn 

ESGFIRE is adding Envirometal to our portfolio and what better way to enter a new investment than with a discount on the current share price and additional warrants? The current private placement offers investors one common share priced at 0.25 CAD and one full warrant valid for 2 years at 0,50 CAD. There will also be an extensive analysis of Envirometal posted within the coming month.

So why are we adding Envirometal to the ESGFIRE portfolio? The answer is simple: Envirometal has developed an own patented gold recovery technology that’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and a superior alternative to cyanide, mercury, and smelting. This patented solution is a sustainable solution to precious metals extraction that could truly make a great enviromental impact! The solution also has very low water consumption and will be a very welcomed tool for gold miners to meet ever increasing ESG goals worldwide.

Envirometal has a high-margin licensing revenue model for the gold Mining industry and a blended revenue model for E-Waste
which include both licensing and Company owned PCBA processing facilities. This mixed business model will allow Envirometal to expand fast with low CAPEX requirements. Envirometal has invested over $30 million CAD developing their technology during the latest 4 years and considering the company is valued at just $25 MCAD we find the risk reward extremely attractive at current levels. As Envirometal state themselves “During development, thousands of lab-scale tests, and numerous bulkscale tests were conducted on a variety of materials including, hundreds of gold ore samples, gold concentrates and PCBAs. Thousands of ounces of “green” gold were produced during testing conducted for some of the largest players in the gold mining industry.”

Looking at the projected financials Envirometal expects revenues of approximately $4-$6 MCAD for 2022 and $27 MCAD for 2023. For 2024 and 2025 the expectations are $95 MCAD and $100 MCAD. This is a very agressive growth plan which we will be sure to closely follow the progress of! Stay tuned for our upcoming extensive analysis of this new ESGFIRE addition.

Legal Disclaimer

We plan to subscribe for shares of this company personally in the current private placement.

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