ESGFIRE Portfolio Update 1/8 2021 and NEW positions!

Best monthly performers
Newlox Gold Ventures Corp + 30 %
Cielo Waste Solutions + 27 %
Clear Blue Technologies + 21 %
Char Technologies +20 %

Worst monthly performers
Nuvve Holding Corp – -14 %
Vicinity Motor Corp- -14 %
Solarvest BioEnergy –12 %
Absolicon Solar Collector — 12 %

Current positions

Absolicon Solar Collector – Down 12 % the latest months despite good news of cooperation with Carlsberg.
Cielo Waste Solutions – Up 27 % the latest month.
Char technologies – Up 20 % the latest month after a spectacular green hydrogen deal with Hitachi.
Clear Blue Technologies – Up 21 % after their biggest deal ever recorded worth 10-15 MUSD.
Desert Control – No material change.
Earthrenew – Down 10 % despite management buying shares at 0.35 , financials coming soon.
Environmental Waste international- Down 12 % , continues to underperform in the ESGFIRE portfolio for no apparent reason.
Newlox Gold ventures Corp – Up 30 %, has had several good news and good momentum lately. ESGFIRE analysis coming soon.
Nuvve Holding Corp- Down 15 % despite no negative news, feels like this is being heavily traded by market makers.
Vicinity Motor Corp – Down 14 % despite only good news with material orders, the market is clearly sleeping on this one.
Lion E-mobility – Has taken a big hit lately most related to their accounting issues which has no effect on the bottom line.
Landi Renzo – No material change.
Solarvest BioEnergy – Down 12 % , very dissapointing stock price lately but our conviction remains firm.

New positions
Company: Biofrigas
Listing: Spotlight Stock market Sweden
Ticker: BIOF
ESG comment:
We exited our position in Biofrigas in early February this year (2021) when it became clear that there would be delays in the verification process for the company’s technology. The delays now seem to have been adressed and the verification is proceeding according to plan.
Biofrigas manufactures small scale biogas plants designed mainly for for farmers but there are also other areas of application. Biofrigas has BIG addressable market in the European Union and also globally. The company has signed many sales agreements with different distributors lately.
The company expects the first facility to become operational at their first customer during august or september this year (2021).
We have chosen to re-enter our position in the BIOFRIGAS TO 01 instrument which is a form of publicly traded warrant / option that gives the owner the right to purchase one stock for every owned option at a maximum price of 70 % of the weighted stock price between 17/3 – 20/ 3 2022 or a maximum price of 9.45 SEK. The subscription period runs between 31/3 – 14/4 2022. We think this instrument gives us the best leverage for our position as we expect BIG breakthroughs for the company to happen before the subscription period ends in april 2022. However if you wish to choose a lower risk for your investment the common stock is likely your preferred choice. This is a high risk investment since Biofrigas has no revenues to date however we believe this will change in the coming months with the first order and with a market cap of only 10 MUSD / 89 MSEK this is a HIGH risk HIGH reward case.

Sold positions:
There have been no exits in the ESGFIRE portfolio the latest month.

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