Portfolio update 23/3 2021

As stated in yesterdays portfolio update I sold off part of my position in Enzymatica. Today I have bought back the majority of these shares below 10 sek. Analyst house Erik Penser has lowered the target price to 16-17 SEK which is still quite appealing compared to the current share price of around 10 SEK ( at time of publication).

The long term investment case for Enzymatica remains the same, I have very good personal experience from the product and it also seems that parts of the planned capital injection will go towards more studies to further strengthen the already strong proof of concept. Furthermore there was another article just released (lunchtime CET 23/3 2021) with an interview of Enzymaticas chairman Bengt Baron. This interview further strengthens my long term investment case as he seems confident that the current drawback in sales due to covid will wear off during this fall 2021.
Lastly but not least the interview also states Enzymatica is currently negotiating for even more markets to launch its products in which may balance up the drop in sales due to improved hygienic measures because of COVID-19.

Side note With Nuvve Corp

Sidenote to todays post is that I plan on adding to my position in $NBAC which today will start trading as Nuvve corp. Nuvve corp is my only electric charge company in the portfolio and is the leader of vehicle to grid solutions that stabilize the power grid. With millions of electric cars expecting to be sold in the coming years this company is positioned for extremely strong growth and with a very strong IP portfolio. The vehicle to grid market is expected to be worth $ 17 Billion USD by 2027.

 I own shares in these companies personally and this is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

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Temporary portfolio reallocation

Company: Enzymatica
Ticker: $ENZY
List: First north sweden
Business: Cold medication preventive

Due to a cold shower press release from enzymatica today I have decided to temporarily sell some of my position. Management concludes that the COVID effect has temporarily drastically decreased the cold market in Europe and guidance has been lowered for 2021. New deals appear to be close so I won’t be waiting to long to add. If it drops below 10 SEK or about I will be a buyer. The company also plans to do a capital injection of 60 MSEK for growth purposes.

Long term the investment case remains the same and I still have a firm belief in the company.

 I own shares in this company personally and this is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

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Portfolio introduction 21-02-23

Hard lessons in the past have thaught me to diversy my risks. In my portfolio summary below you will perhaps be surprised by the big size of my biggest position however don’t let this fool you because when the position was initiated it constitued less than 10 % of the portfolio. Below you will find a summary of all my current positions . You will have to excuse the poor resolution in the image below , I blame excel for this inconvenience 😉 . I will go through the companies of my biggest sector holdings today. In the coming posts I will go through the remaining sector holdings in further detail.

Holdings per sector :

Writing this entry I realize that my portfolio is leaning heavily towards the recycling and renewable energy industry, however there is a good reason for this. This specific sector in my portfolio constist companies that solve REAL issues with pollution, landfill waste and the worlds need of clean energy. Reducing carbon emissions through green and clean energy is a global goal which is hardly debated anywhere in the world.

Recycling and Renewable Energy Sector holdings

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC

Cielo’s plan is to construct 40 refineries within 7 years for renewable diesel using alternate waste feedstock. The techonology is proprietary , patented and has been developed for 16 years. Cielo can also produce naphta (jet fuel) and renewable diesel for the marine sector. Renewable diesel has shown to be 90 % lower in carbon emissions than regular diesel at least according to Cielo’s competitor Neste : https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1103998_renewable-diesel-90-percent-lower-carbon-emissions-than-regular-diesel-neste-claims
My opinion is that compared to Cielo’s north american competitor GEVO ,which uses farmland to grow fuel crops, Cielo’s solution has a far better impact on the environment using waste to create renewable energy and getting rid of harmful landfills and dumps.


Environmental Waste International
Ticker: YEWTF / EWS
Listing: TSX Venture
Website: https://www.ewi.ca/

EWI uses a patented technology called reverse polymerization to convert used tires into precious commodities such as Carbon, oil and metal. Reverse Polymerization technology is far superior to regular polymerizaton in which there are plenty of competitors. EWI’s recycling system reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 90%. Every day 4,1 million tires are scrapped and mostly put into landfills that constitute a massive negative impact on the environment. EWI has recently signed a deal with the danish environmental investment company Windspace that gives them exlusive rights to construct tire recycling facilities in Europe. This deal alone is estimated to be worth well over 100 million dollars in revenues in the coming years for EWI.

EWI technology can also be used for:

  • Liquid Biological Waste
  • Medical Waste
  • Food Sterilization System


Char Technologies Ltd
Ticker: YES.V
Listing: TSX Venture
Website: https://www.chartechnologies.com/

Char has a patented and unique product that can now replace regular coal in coal power plants with Biocoal and also produce RNG which has a tremendously positive impact for the environment. The company says ” Char is Converting challenging organic streams into a greenhouse gas neutral biocoal and second generation Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)”. CHAR’s pyrolysis technology is recognized as a future solution by NYC DEP to process biosolids into value-add products. Char also has a solution to contamination of PFAS in landfills and water reserves.

Xebec & Greenlane renewables both participate in first-
generation anaerobic digestion (biogas) technology

• Pyrolysis is a second-generation technology
• Recent study shows 82% of RNG in Québec will need
to come from Second Generation RNG (Énergir)
• Char’s pyrolysis technology can convert woody material into RNG
• Pyrolys is also an identified pathway to generate green


Ticker: HYPRO
Listing: Norwegian Merkur Market
Website: https://hydrogen-pro.com/

Hydrogenpro has a proprietary technology to produce cost competitive green Hydrogen using alkaline. Hydrogenpro announced on 2021-02-22 that they will be able to produce Green Hydrogen at a cost below 1.2 USD per kilogram already in 2022. This is an extreme breakthrough if the company can deliver on these promises especially since one of their competitors NEL has a target of 1.5 USD per kilograms for Green Hydrogen in 2023. HydrogenPro technology, if it delivers as promised, will be ready to compete in terms of price with gray hydrogen already next year in 2022.


Fusion Fuel Green PLC
Ticker: HTOO
Listing: Nasdaq USA
Website: https://www.fusion-fuel.eu/

Fusion fuel has a proprietary patented technology to create Green Hydrogen using sun and water. Using years of experience in concentrated solar energy and renewables, the Fusion Fuel team has developed a ground breaking method to create Green Hydrogen at a cost far below any commercially available methods in the market today and can openly compete against traditional methods that produce brown and blue Hydrogen. Fusion Fuel has developed its own proprietary electrolysis solution using solar energy to create Hydrogen with zero carbon emissions. In fact, Fusion Fuel’s technology only creates Oxygen as a by-product .