An introduction to my blog

My posts are about ESG investing and how you can use this powerfull megatrend to your advantage and being able to achieve FIRE: Financially independent and Retire Early!

Even if your goal is not to become financially independent my hope is that you will come to learn what a powerfull financial opportunity it is to invest in the megatrend that I like to call the ESG boom.

What criterias do I look at when I decide to invest in a company?

-Environmentally friendly business idea
-Either in revenues or at inflection point where revenues are about to begin
-Solid management
-Sustainable production methods
-Investor friendly management team
-Unique product offering or service
-Reoccuring revenues

These criterias have helped me achieve :
+75 % in 2019
+135 % in 2020
+45 % YTD in 2021

My total returns since october 2018 is currently at 620 %.

FIRE path
My current savings rate is about 45 % of my net income. Despite this high savings rate I would not consider myself to be living a frugal lifestyle. Although I don’t currently have any kids I do have a spouse and several pets ;).

My goal is to reach my financial target at latest in 2028. At the way things are currently progressing however , not taking into account a major market crash, this should be achieved alot sooner than anticipated thanks to my ESG investment strategy.

Content for future blog posts
I will be writing both detailed analysis of companies that I currently own, plan on owning and others that I simply find interesting even if I don’t own or intend to own shares in the companies myself. I will also be giving you transcripts of CEO interviews with my own positions, IPO companies and more.

Although nothing I write should be viewed as investment advice I think it is very important to be transparent in my trades and positions. Therefore I always write when I buy and sell positions. This will most likely always appear first on my twitter handle Frivid40 and of course also here on my blog.

If you have any questions I will be happy to try to answer them either by e-mail or via my twitter handle!