Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 324 MCAD at time of publication
Share price: 0.92 CAD at time of publication
Industry: Converting waste to renewable fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions on 24/3 has announced additions to management as well as being informed by its Joint Venture partner RUEI on their funding of the Dunmore Facility. The full memo received by Cielo from its partner RUEI can be found in this press release. Highlights as stated below:

Ongoing funding of Medicine hat (Dunmore) facility
RUEI confirms it is comittment to funding current engineering costs at the Dunmore facility and expect to arrange payment this week. RUEI will continue to advance funds as is required for the facility project.

Management change
Lionel Robins has accepted a position as Chief Operating Officer and Raphael Bohlmann has accepted a role as VP of marketing with Cielo Waste Solutions. Both individuals have resigned from their active roles in RUEI to become a more active part of the daily operations in Cielo Waste solutions and their resignations from RUEI thankfully eliminates potential conflicts of interest between RUEI and Cielo. The new roles are effective as of april 1st 2021.

Both Lionel and Raphael have extensive experience from business development and entrepreneurship. Breifly it should be said that Mr Bohlmann , having studied strategic marketing at Stanford University, has a long experience from running a marketing business and several franchises. Lionel Robins started his first automotive dealership in 2006 which is now in 6 locations across Canada. His other business holdings have included oil and gas industry service companies, hotel properties, a professional education and development business, and several commercial real estate holdings. Mr. Robins served 2 terms on the STARS Air Ambulance Board of Directors, and also served as Chair of the 2018 Alberta Summer Games in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Their full background can be viewed in the press release. Raphael Bohlmann will only retains his seat as director of RUEI.

Don Allan CEO of Cielo Waste Solutions was pleased with the additions stated in the news release “The addition of these two gentlemen bring a tremendous amount of experience and passion to our leadership team and reduce my workload so I may
focus on more pressing matters to ensure the growth of the company. This change also eliminates any
potential conflicts with Mr. Robins and Mr. Bohlmann between Cielo and RUEI.”


As of March 6, 2021, Ryan Jackson has been named new CEO of RUEI and Murray Trollope has been named CFO. Jeff Seymour, principal of Seymour Capital Ltd., which has been acquired by RUEI as previously announced, also joins the board of directors of RUEI.

ESG Comment: It is with both anticipation and excitement to see that Cielo’s projects are progressing as planned and that
the management team is getting strong additions while also removing potential conflicts of interest. I plan on interviewing the new additions to management as soon as possible so that the investor community can get a better understanding of what they bring to Cielo Waste Solutions.

I own shares in these companies personally and this is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

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Cielo Waste Solutions Updates on Ontario Market and JV payments

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 409 MCAD at time of posting
Share price: 1.16 CAD at time of posting
Industry: Converting waste to renewable fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions today 17/3 2021 provided an update related to their press release dated on 9/3 2021. The company has received the entire balance of the aggregate fees of $750.000 CAD related to the 3 additional plants to be built, at no cost for Cielo, in British Columbia, Manitoba and the United States by Renewable U Energy Inc. (“RUEI”). Cielo has also paid back their largest secured lender in full, eliminating a senior secured loan of approximately CDN$3,800,000 further strengthening the balance sheet.

Further positive news was released in the update with the company stating that :

“Cielo had also announced in the March 9 PR, that RUEI was in the process of acquiring Seymour Capital Incorporation and/or its rights and obligations, which includes the right to enter into a memorandum of understanding with Cielo similar to the other RUEI memorandums of understanding for a territory in Ontario (the “Ontario Option”).  Cielo is pleased to announce that RUEI has completed this process and wishes to exercise the Ontario Option.  Cielo has received a fee of CDN$262,500 (including GST) from RUEI for the Ontario Option.  RUEI and its partners have chosen Toronto, Ontario (within a 250km radius from the outer boundary) as the site for the first Ontario joint venture facility. “

Comments were provided by both parties:

Ryan Jackson, newly appointed CEO of RUEI, stated “This is a very exciting announcement to be in one of the most populated provinces in the country and working with local partners and all levels of government.  We are looking forward to working with all stakeholders, feedstock providers, businesses, and governments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to build a high-grade renewable fuel facility in the province of Ontario.  We cannot wait to learn more about all of the waste feedstock, and provide jobs, opportunities and economic stimulus to yet another province in Canada!” 

Don Allan, President and CEO of Cielo, stated “We are pleased to have RUEI as a JV partner and excited to build and operate even more facilities converting waste to high-grade renewable fuels.  Cielo may be an Alberta-based company but it has always been our vision to solve the extreme garbage crisis in all provinces of our great nation!  This is another monumental step forward for our Company and its ability to reduce landfills and eliminate other problematic waste.”

ESG comment: It’s very positive to see that Cielo has received all the aggregate fees for all 3 additional planned facilities at no cost for Cielo AND also for the facility in Ontario originally planned by Seymour Capital which has now merged with Renewable U Energy Inc. (“RUEI”). Cielo Waste solutions is truly working at record speed and is not wasting any time to get their expansion of 40 facilities in North America according to plan. This payment certainly reiterates the committment that RUEI has shown to fullfill its obligations for the planned Joint Venture facilities in North America.

Interesting financial projection numbers were provided yesterday in an article by stating that “Once the current 10 planned facilities are fully operational, Cielo could be generating C$170 million in EBITDA and, at a 15x EBITDA multiple, would translate into a market cap of $2.5 billion, almost five times where it is today.” What’s most interesting in this calculation is that this only takes into account 10 of the 40 facilities planned for the coming 5-7 years.


I own shares in this company personally and this is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

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Cielo Waste Solutions expands into the United states and additional Canadian site!

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 360 MCAD at time of posting
Share price: 1.02 CAD at time of posting
Industry: Converting waste to renewable fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions today 9/3 2021 announced they are expanding into the United States and additional territories in Canada with their Joint venture partners. . The Memorandum of Understandings are signed with Renewable U Energy Inc. (“RUEI”).

 The MOU provides for Cielo to build, and commission, at no cost to Cielo other than internal costs, three (3) waste to high-grade renewable fuel facilities, one each in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kamloops, British Columbia and a high-volume location to be determined in the United States (each a “Territory”, collectively the “Territories”).  Each Territory includes a radius of 250 km from the outer boundary of the named municipality.

ESG Comment: This expansion is where it becomes really interesting to calculate the future potential revenues for Cielo Waste Solutions. One time fees such as royalty fee of 7 % on 8 facilities adds up to $28 MCAD in total revenues for Cielo. Assuming all 8 facilities produce 12000 LPH and a run time of 11 months per year total output could reach 760 million liters per year ( 200 million gallons). Assuming a price of 1,67 CAD per liter that equals potential revenues of $1,27 Billion CAD annually. The production cost per liter is expected to sit at between 0,4-0,7 CAD per liter Assuming 0,7 CAD per liter thats a potential margin of $737 million CAD.

Cielo will receive a Joint Venture Fee of of CDN $250,000 per Territory, CDN $750,000 in aggregate (the “JV Fees”).  Cielo confirms receiving a deposit of CDN $250,000.  The balance is expected to be delivered on or before March 31, 2021.  
The terms for the Joint Venture facilities are such that “Once up and running, the revenue split is 70% to the JV partner and 30% to Cielo, until the build and commission costs are recovered, then converts to a 50/50 revenue share forward.”
Cielo will also receivea management fee of 7% on all capital expenditures related to the project costs for the first facility in each Territory including a markup of 30% on the catalyst used in Cielo’s proprietary process of converting garbage to high-grade renewable fuel. 

Renewable U Energy Inc. (“RUEI”) is expected to take over the rights from the other JV partner Seymour Capital explained in the press release as “Cielo has been advised by the principals of RUEI that, in order to accelerate and streamline funding of the Territories and the territories set out in the Existing MOUs (the “Existing Territories”, together with the Territories, collectively the “JV Territories”), RUEI has acquired all of the rights and obligations of SCI related to its Existing MOU related to the territory of Calgary, Alberta, as well as SCI’s option to acquire a territory in the Province of Ontario (to be determined).”

The most interesting statement is from CEO and President of Cielo Waste Solutions Don Allan stating: ““While we highly value our JV partnership with RUEI, Cielo can confidently source its own funds to build facilities in additional territories throughout Canada, the United States, and beyond.  For the time being we will not be considering any further JV agreements with existing or other partners.”

This can only be interpreted such that Cielo now has gotten to a point where they potentially may be able to fund their own facilities with perhaps green ow interest loans and/or government contributions.

Cielo Waste Solutions remains as my largest position in the portfolio and I’m confident that the company is on a positive path towards commercial success even more so after this breakthrough.

Link to press release:

This is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

Major Breakthrough for Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 307 MCAD at time of posting
Share price: 0.87 CAD at time of posting
Industry: Converting waste to renewable fuel

Cielo Waste Solutions provided an update this morning (3/8 2021) regarding their Desulfurization Process which has to been seen as one of the biggest breakthroughs for the company

The company reports:
“Cielo has been in collaboration with the University of Calgary to pioneer a scalable, cost-effective solution to decrease the sulfur content in its renewable diesel. Cielo has completed the fabrication of a bench-scale system that has 1,000 times more throughput than the University of Calgary’s demonstration laboratory unit, which provided Cielo with proof-of-concept data. Extremely successful tests have been completed on Cielo’s renewable diesel using the new process.  Cielo’s goal was to meet the highway diesel specification of 15ppm or less of sulfur. Late Friday, Cielo received laboratory results that indicated the successful reduction of the sulfur content to approximately 5ppm, well below the required specifications. Cielo will now proceed with scaling up desulphurization efforts in light of this breakthrough.”

The meaning of this for Cielo Waste Solutions cannot be highlighted enough! As you may have read in my interview with SmallCap Investor Robert McWhirter published 7/3 2021 he thought the biggest risk for Cielo Waste Solutions was to cross the hurdle of scaling up the Desulfurization Process in order to be able to get a premium price for their renewable fuel.
All that appears to remains now is to fabricate and assemble the equipment at Aldersyde needed to start producing low sulfur premium renewable fuel. Getting the Sulfur content down to below 15 ppm was as I’ve pointed out crucial to be able to sell renewable diesel with a premium price.

President and CEO of Cielo Waste Solutions Don Allan commented on the breakthrough in the press release:
“We are very pleased to announce the successful completion of testing of the desulfurization process and that we’ve resolved the desulfurization issue.   Now, with funds in-hand, we are fabricating the equipment for installation at our facility in Aldersyde, Alberta.”

A sidenote in the pressrelease was also the exercising of warrants by the companys largest secured lender, BJK Holdings Ltd which have has exercised 10,000,000 of its warrants for approximately $1M in proceeds. Cielo has applied this towards the current loan of $3.85 MCAD and intends to payoff the loan in full by end of March 2021.

Cielo Waste Solutions remains as my largest position in the portfolio and I’m confident that the company is on a positive path towards commercial success even more so after this breakthrough.

Link to press release:

This is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

Exclusive interview with Investor Robert McWhirter on Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 307 MCAD at time of posting
Share price: 0.87 CAD at time of posting

An update on the Desulfurization process was provided by Cielo Waste Solutions on the 6/3 (Saturday) 2021 at the same time of this article being published .

“ Cielo’s lead engineering firm has built a desulfurization lab 1,000 times the size of the lab used at the University of Calgary.  Cielo provided to them renewable diesel and they were successful in reducing the sulphur content to 5ppm, well below the required limits.  We are very confident in scaling the process and have begun the fabrication work. “

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ESG interviewed famous Small Cap investor Robert McWhirter on the 1st of March 2021 to talk about his largest investment which is Cielo Waste Solutions. Below you will find the transcript of our call.

ESG: To those of our readers who don’t know you could you give us a short summary of your background?

Robert: Over 25 years ago I was  a private client fund manager in charge of 100 million CAD. I’ve also worked as a portfolio manager with institutional management and ran a fund with 6.25 billion CAD during the internet era.

Our returns were 70% compounded over 3 years. Seven years ago I decided to start managing my own money exclusively so now I run our family office. It was actually my wife who said ,“Bob you’re great at picking stocks why don’t you do it for us exclusively?”.

Today I get invited to discuss stocks on BNN Bloomberg TV and it is fun to share my insights on small cap Canadian: industrial, technology and healthcare stocks. I do not give recommendations, only insights.

ESG: Could you explain to my readers how you came to the conclusion on the $8 CAD target price and on what time span is that target price made ?

Robert: My insight, it’s NOT a recommendation, is that Cielo could reach $8 CAD within the next 12 months.

ESG comment: This interview was done before Cielo announced the 10 million CAD loan for the new Edmonton facility and also before the update provided above on the Desulfurization process .

Robert Continues: The Aldersyde facility might, by my calculations produce $11 million CAD in EBITDA in 2021 with a run rate by producing 1000 LPH (LPH=Liters per hour , 1 liter = 0.26 gallons) .The potential doubling of capacity at Aldersyde might take that to 2000 LPH for potentially $ 20 million CAD in annual EBITDA.

Cielo has joint venture partners ready to build 5 facilities at $50 million CAD each and $250 million CAD in total. Cielo is expected to receive a 7 % construction royalty on that capex which equates to $8 million CAD per year. Together with the other $20 million we are looking at close to $30 million CAD in potential  EBITDA .
With a 15 times EBITDA multiple, on that you get a potential $450 million CAD market cap.

If you then look at the 5 joint venture plants producing 10,000 LPH that’s about 400 million liters a year or 105 million US gallons per year . One gallon of renewable diesel is about $6.68 CAD ($1.67 CAD per Liter) equalling a total potential revenue of $668 million CAD per year. Cielo is expected to receive 30 % of the profit on these 5 plants until they’re paid off and doesn’t have to invest any money since that’s provided by the joint venture partners. After the facility is paid off Cielo is expected to get 50 % of the profit.

We still haven’t taken into account Cielo’s own planned  Edmonton facility which is expected  to bring in revenues of $55 million CAD per year that Cielo plans to own without joint venture partners.

The demand is clearly there for Cielo’s products. Barclays has stated that there is a demand of close to 700 million liters (185 million gallons) of renewable diesel in Canada alone. That equals 22 potential Cielo plants to put 2 % renewable diesel into Canada’s on road diesel fuel market.

Don (CEO of Cielo) has said he gets calls every day to build plants around the world so clearly there appears to be global demand!

ESG: Do you think Cielo will have analyst coverage soon?

Robert: Yes, I’ve been encouraging an analyst to get this on their radar. Similarly, I had to encourage an analyst to initiate coverage when Xebec was 40 cents a share (currently trading at $7 CAD)

ESG: Do you think someone would want to buyout Cielo?

Robert: Definitely, if so I think it would be done by GFL ,Chevron, Exxon, Shell or BP. Most likely one of the bigger oil companies since they can afford to pay a premium. This might happen within 3 years.  Cielo could also be bought out by a big waste management company who would use Cielo’s technology to eliminate the tipping fee paid for landfill. That would be a significant competitive advantage. For a waste management company that could offer this to every municipality would love them! Oil companies could potentially buyout Cielo since they could then potentially offer a green diesel solution where they take all plastic, garbage, all paper and maybe even (soon) human waste and turn into a raw material source for biofuel.

ESG: Why do you believe Cielo a better opportunity than its comparable GEVO?

Robert: The BIGGEST difference is that Cielo’s capex is estimated to be 1/10th that of GEVO’s $700 million USD for their planned South Dakota plant to produce the SAME volume! GEVO uses crops using farmland. Cielo only uses waste material taking care of two problems at the same time, creating renewable fuel while removing waste.
GEVO’s business model appear smart as they describe “we take the corn and take out carbohydrates to produce our fuel and, the rest used for cow food.”

ESG: I’m sure all of my readers would like to know how did you find Cielo Waste Solutions and what made you invest in the company?

Robert: I meet many companies, usually around 10 per week. During COVID it’s done with online meetings instead of physical ones. There are not a lot of high profile smallcap investors in Canada today, there’s probably less than 10 of us. If someone wants to raise money it’s a short telephone list. Cielo is not an overnight success, it has been 16 years in the making and the technology has cost 75 million CAD to develop.  I have followed Cielo for about 10 years before I recently decided to invest in the company after doing extensive due diligence. I was an early investor in Xebec ($XBC) which takes methane gas out of landfills. I also have a strong technical background and worked 3 years in a machine shop after high school.

Because Cielo wasn’t sure how to resolve some technical issues 10 years ago, there are some people that might have lost money back then. However, that is now history and the recently patented technology has significantly improved.

Cielo solves a worldwide problem with waste and landfills. For example, 3 years ago China and India said they wouldn’t take any more plastic (from Canada and USA). Unfortunately most of the curb side residential recycling in Toronto goes straight into a landfill without any recycling as there is no market for a lot of the material. This is also the truth for many places in USA.

There are 7 different kinds of plastic and Cielo says they can take all types of plastic, cardboard and more which they turn into fuel which could be a revolutionary technology.

ESG: What do you tell people who think Cielo’s technology isn’t working?

Robert: Cielo has many competitors who want to do the same thing, to take plastics and produce some sort of fuel. I reviewed Cielo’s patents last summer and this was after I decided to start investing in Cielo.

The technology to potentially reach the target of 15 parts sulphur per million in the fuel has been developed with University of Calgary over the past 2 years. Don ( CEO of Cielo) had an open house for a lot of politicians last year at the facility in Aldersyde, near Calgary, and showed them the business in all aspects. About a year ago Canadian Pacific Railways said that if the process works that they will deliver  250, 000- 1 million railway ties per year to produce renewable fuels. Cielo is currently waiting for approval to test railway ties on a larger scale. I personally don’t see any technical issues as to why this wouldn’t work.

ESG: How do you normally pick your investments?

Robert: I’m extremely detailed when I conduct my due diligence. When companies try to pitch me new ideas, I go in depth to see if their business plan appears viable. It’s all about management really. Cielo did not have previous success until recently. ,  Cielo has invested 75 million Canadian dollars into their business so I had to ask myself at what point do I invest? That time was last spring.

ESG: How do you view the close term outlook for Cielo?

Robert: I think 2021 could be the big catalyst year for the company. Management is very hands on and are problem solvers. They know exactly what needs to be done and how to get there in time and are now even ahead of schedule. They’re now planning to double the production capacity at Aldersyde to 2000 litres per hour. Its not rocket science, it is basic science and they know how to get it done. About a year ago, I saw a 10 X bigger opportunity with Cielo than I did with Xebec and so put my profits into Cielo. Cielo is our largest position. Cielo claims to be able to take all plastics, landfill, railroad ties and more which they convert into renewable fuel. If this all works, it would appear to be in the very early days of Cielo’s growth.

ESG: What do you think speaks for Cielo compared to its competitors and how do you think they will be able to finance their expansion of 40 plants in the next 5 years?

Robert: Cielo has 2 outside financers who want to build 5 plants. Don (CEO of Cielo) has told me that they hope to have 35 more plants that would built on the same terms within 5 years. After the facilities are paid off Cielo is expected to receive 51% of the profit. The Edmonton site might be a bit more expensive as Cielo will likely need to build railway spur lines to get the feedstock delivered.

The Aldersyde facility expansion is expected to cost about $8 million CAD to upgrade from 1000 LPH ( 264 gallons / hour) to 2000 LPH (528 gallons/hour). Construction of Cielo’s Edmonton plant could begin as early as spring of this year (2021) (site preparation). There appears to be enough garbage in Edmonton to support 3 plants so the feedstock should not be a problem. There is also a close supply of railroad ties. Edmonton appears to be a great place for this facility since it’s a hub for petrochemicals and refineries.

ESG: What do you think is the biggest risk with an investment in Cielo and are you confident they will solve the desulphurization process?

Robert: The number one risk occurs if they cannot get the sulphur level down to less then 15 PPM. However, jet fuel can have much higher sulphur content so there could be demand for a higher sulphur content product. I do not expect Cielo will fail with the process since the desulphurisation has been lab tested BUT this needs to be scaled up to a much larger size. The total addressable market is significant.  Blending biodiesel for Canadian road use needs 680 million litres of diesel per year (180 million gallons). At a price of about $1,7 CAD per litre = $1,1 billion CAD market in Canada alone. The main advantage of Cielo’s solution is you can use the existing diesel fuel delivery infrastructure. Other catalysts other than the desulphurisation is getting more raw materials to be approved as feedstock.

ESG: Thank you for joining us Robert and we hope to have you with us soon again!

Robert: Thank you, my pleasure!

ESG comment: Cielo Waste Solutions remain our largest position in the portfolio and I’m confident that the company is on a positive path towards commercial success.

This is not to be considered financial advise, always do your own research!

Major news update for Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo Waste Solutions
Ticker: CMC.CN / CWSFF
Listings: Canadian Securitites Exchange / US OTC
Market Cap: 340 MCAD at time of posting
Share price: 0.99 CAD at time of posting

Our biggest portfolio holding Cielo Waste Solutions today (3/3 2021) announced that they have acquired an interest FREE loan of 10 million CAD which will be used to buy a site near Edmonton Alberta for Cielo’s planned 100 % owned waste to high grade renewable fuel facility (“Edmonton Facility”). The factory will be able to generate annual revenues of 55 million CAD once completed. Cielo writes the following in the press release:

“This marks the beginning of Cielo’s expansion plans which is ahead of its previous schedule. Cielo will have the discretion to use the balance of the funds as needed, for working capital purposes, and to repay in whole or in part Cielo’s largest secured lender, which is currently owed approximately CDN$3.8 Million.  “

The terms for the 12 month loan are impressive for a company of Cielos size, no interest is payed and the loan may only be converted into shares at a price per share of 1.02 CAD . Also Cielo has the right to repay the loan at any time during the 12 month agreement. The only drawback is that Cielo is required to pay a transaction fee of 700 000 CAD and also commission to a third party amounting to 800 000 CAD.

Cielo comments on this transaction in the press release: “Cielo believes these fees and commissions are well in line with industry standards and eliminate high interest payments and saves Cielo millions in debt payments without significant dilution of the company shares with an exceptional conversion strike price.”

CEO of Cielo Don Allan Comments on the transaction:

“To be able to purchase this land for cash and no mortgage allows Cielo the ability to choose numerous options to raise the $50 million for the construction of this facility and the extra money required to prepare the land. The plant will initially be engineered to produce annually approximately 33 million liters of high-grade renewable diesel which at todays prices is approximately CDN$55 million in annual revenues. The land is large enough to allow for multiple expansions. Cielo is having an amazing start to 2021 and is poised to continue strong growth on all fronts.”

I certainly agree with the statement from CEO Don Allan And Cielo confidently remains our largest portfolio position by a far. Cielo is one step closer to becoming a multi million dollar business.

If you missed it check out Robert Mc Whirters discussion on Cielo from BNN on 26/2 2021 where he puts an insight that the company’s share price could be worth 8 CAD .

Link to press release from 3/3 2021 :

 As always do your own research and this is not to be considered financial advice.

Robert McWhirter which gave Cielo a price target of 8 USD when we visited BNN (link to interview:

Quick Introduction of

Company: Environmental waste international
Ticker: $EWS
Listing :TSXV
MCAP: 47 M$
Business: Tyre and waste recycling through reverse polymerization
TAM Market size: 158 billion $
Comparable peer : Scandinavian Enviro systems $SES
Upside to peer evaluation: 429 %
Stock price at time of writing: 0.24 CAD

Upcoming catalysts:
-EWS is currently working on a number of plant sales with both public and private entities in Canada, Australia, the UK, Nepal, India, Denmark and Italy. The Company is also evaluating a number of potential partners in China. ( see sources below)
-Improved investment relations strategy

Environmental Waste International (EWI)has developed a patented ground breaking recycling technology for the latest 15 years which is now about to become commercially viable. I have written about this company before on my twitter page but I wanted to give a brief introduction to the company here for you fellow blog readers.

EWS develops environmentally friendly products for waste treatment and disposal. Its predominant focus is on recycling waste rubber, primarily tires, into valuable by-products which can be sold and reused.The Company has built a full-scale Pilot Plant Tire System.

The system breaks the molecular bonds in tires and other rubber products, reducing them to their base components of carbon black, steel and hydrocarbon vapors. An off- gas system processes the vapors to recover the oil, the remaining gas is used as fuel for the plant .Governments and industries worldwide recognize the need for technology to deal with the processing, treatment and eventual disposal or recycling of tires and other waste rubber products in a environmentally safe manner. EWS provides unique and effective solutions this problem. EWS business model is to both sell plants and earn royalty on the commodities that these plants produce . This will make way for a very good mix of both one off sales and reoccurring revenue streams .

In addition to tires, EWS has designed solutions for the safe disposal, recycling and/or recapture of useable byproducts for the following waste streams:
•Liquid Biological Waste Systems;
•Food Waste
•Medical Waste
•Animal Waste


EWS has a ridiculously low market cap for a company which already has an order of 100 million dollars . EWS has crossed the barrier towards becoming commercially viable and the risk is considerably lower than for its competitor $SES. $SES does not have any real revenues yet. I beleive this is a REAL ESG investment which mutual funds and other institutional actors will race to become shareholders in once the market cap becomes big enough which we believe is only a matter of time . Hence I’ve made EWS our TOP 3 BIGGEST investment along with Cielo waste solutions.

EWS has recently won an order worth 100 million USD from Windspace in Denmark which will build the first large commercial plant for EWS in europe. EWS is on the verge of commercialization breakthrough but this has yet to be reflected in the stock price . When comparing with $SES Scandinavian enviro systems my insight is that there could be a 400 % upside from current levels.

The EWI customer Windspace has already gained environmental permits and financing for its first factory in Denmark with construction beginning in 2021 . This news has yet to be acknowledged by the stock market. Windspace has also invested in EWS as a shareholder . Windspace has even said in a podcast that they chose EWS technology over Scandinavian enviro systems because the technology is BETTER. Windspace were originally going to partner with Scandinavian enviro systems!

Tire recycling plants using EWS’ technology do not require tipping fees, carbon credits or other government support to generate a compelling ROI which makes it standout from its competitors.

Markets sub Categories
90 billion- Liquid waste
50 billion USD -Food and animal waste,
9.5 billion USD- Tires
9 billion USD – Medical waste

This is an introductional post. Further detailed analysis will be done coming up. I wanted to share this NOW with you readers since the technical chart looks like the EWS stock might be poised for a breakout. As always do your own research and this is not to be considered financial advice.

Sources :……………

EXTREME Weekly portfolio Update


Performance last week : 2021-02-22 – 2021-02-28

ESGFIREAT40 Portfolio: +52 % 

Dow Jones: -1,8 %
Nasdaq -5 %

Performance YTD:
ESGFIREAT40 Portfolio: +111 % 

Dow Jones: +2,36%
Dow Jones: +1%

Top performers:
Cielo Waste Solutions $CMC.CN / $CWSFF + 252 %
Blue Bird Corp $BLBD + 17 %

Grande West Transportation $BUS / $BUSXF –
Enzymatica $ENZY
Environmental Waste International $YEWTF

Portfolio update comment:
The past week was a crazy one for the stock markets especially for our portfolio . While Nasdaq went down 5 % our portfolio skyrocketed up 52 % thanks to Cielo Waste solutions (ticker CMC.CN / CWSFF for the US OTC listing) which decided to rise an incredible 252 %. The fellow readers which bought shares in Cielo when I first wrote about the company on Twitter (Handle: Frivid40) in late january got in at 0,095 cents a share compared to fridays closing price of 0.90 cents, thats a 947 % gain in one months time!

I want to congratulate everyone who has made gains on this share the latest weeks. However I personally believe this is only the beginning for Cielo Waste Solutions. The cause for fridays 82 % gain can be attributed to the famous investor Robert McWhirter which gave Cielo a price target of 8 USD when we visited BNN (link to interview:

The explanation for this price target from Robert McWhirter is that Cielo will have the same amount of output in fuel production as its closest peer Gevo (listed on Nasdaq with ticker GEVO) but closer in time and for a fraction of its cost. Since Gevo is sitting a close to 2 billion USD market cap and Cielo is about 250 million USD this has of course excited many speculators on the stock market.

I have a huge long term conviction for Cielo but as always be cautious of dips and profit takings . As always none of this is to be considered financial advice, do your own analysis and always DIVERSIFY your portfolio !

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